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Our Banquet Hall is in the original Rock Church chapel with it’s tall windows and high ceiling. You can comfortably seat 100 people at tables and 150 without.


$1495- Reserve a full day from 10am-10pm either inside or outside.  It Includes catering kitchen, tables, 150 chairs, white or cream linens,  Bride’s, and Groom’s room. We will set up the tables, chairs, and table cloths according to your floor plans and make transitions throughout the day.

$1695- For the extra $200 reserve both inside and outside from 10am-10pm

$350/hr- Get all of the same things either inside or outside included in the full day rate at an hourly rate.

$200/hr- Just the Chapel or Courtyard.  Perfect for corporate events, family gatherings, and some receptions.


Paving stones and concrete create the courtyard outside. It is surrounded by mature trees and landscaping with a retaining stone wall in the background.  All of our tables and chairs can be set up outside and all 150 chairs can be set on the stone courtyard for a ceremony. There is plenty of space outside.


Enjoy a shower, birthday, or any other celebration in our English style dining parlor. The parlor has tables and chairs for 30.


$150/hr Parlor only or $500 for 4hrs